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Space Vikings Beer
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Space Vikings

Join us in our journey to Valhalla. We've partnered with Edge Brewing Project to brew our own beer, use the profits for buybacks, and reflect those tokens to holders. We’re also about to release an AI-generated Space Viking NFT dApp, minter, and reward system (more info to come as we get closer to launch, July 15th).

Contract Address:


We Reward Our Holders

Did you scan the QR code on a beer to get here? Please, click the camera icon!

What is our Goal?

At Space Vikings, we love beer and getting to make one with our community involved is incredible. Our first beer raided Australia in February from our Partner, Edge Brewing Project.

Join us to talk about everything from beer flavours to discussing plans for how we want to disrupt this $500 billion dollar industry. And as you’ll see, we have a lot of other things to make sure we succeed.

White Paper

You'll find the most in-depth information on the Space Vikings Token, here.


Features and Percentages:

1% for Weekly Jackpots (in SVT)

1% to raise funds for Raids (in BNB) (NEW)

2% for the Marketing Wallet (in BNB) (NEW)

2% automatically for PCS Liquidity Pool

4% is redistributed amongst all holders

= 10% tax on transactions

Space Vikings Proceeds partly created by Ardana.artwork -

The Total Supply Distribution:

5% to the developer wallet

5% towards the project wallet (Future Projects)

25% distributed for V1 holders and community contributors

30% up for presale at DxSale

15% will be burned after presale

20% locked SVT for PancakeSwap liquidity

= 100% of total supply / 1 quadrillion tokens

Space Vikings Proceeds partly created by Ardana.artwork -

Our Roadmap

The following roadmap shows what we want to achieve and when we aim to achieve it. Please keep in mind that our roadmap is subject to change and is ever evolving as we refine our vision. The sole aim of the Space Vikings team is to improve and develop the project for the betterment of our community.

We are a strong team, and we seek to achieve our vision of creating the biggest token in Scandinavia, which has multiple uses in the real world.

  • Quarter 3 – September 2021

    ✅ Introducing the new team members

    ✅ Space Vikings V2 White Paper Release

    ✅ Introduction of New Tokenomics

    ✅ New Roadmap Release

    ✅ How To Swap V1 for V2 Document

    ✅ Whitelisted Presale

    ✅ New Launch on PancakeSwap

    ✅ Burn 15% of Total Supply (150T SVT)

    ✅ AirDrop for V1 Holders & Early members

    ✅ Jackpot relaunch

    ✅ Start Community Votes

  • Quarter 4 – October-December 2021

    ✅ Hire Marketing Team

    ✅ Start process for Legal Entity

    ✅ Start Development of OdinSwap

    ✅ Relist on CMC

    ✅ Relist on CG

    ✅ Audit Release

    ✅ Website Improvements

    ✅ Confirm Partnership with Brewery

  • Quarter 1 – January-March 2022

    ✅ Merch

    ✅ First Public Beer Release - Australia

    ✅ Put up FOUR Billboards in Australia

    ✅ Look into Exchange Listing

    ✅ Look into other partnership opportunities

    ✅ Staking/Farming Platform with Brewlabs

    ✅ Solidify team of CBO's (Chief Beer Officers)

    ✅ Partner with company (PSI) for NFT Marketplace

  • Quarter 3 – July-September 2022

    ✅ Release our first DAPP

    ✅ Release 1000 AI-generated Space Viking NFTs that reward members

    ✅ Create first Twitter-based chug competition with NFT rewards

    - Pump money into advertising both NFT and SVT

    - Look into Exchange Listing

    - Look into more partnership opportunities

  • Quarter 4 – October-December 2022

    - Revisit where we’re going with beer with the community


Here at Space Vikings we do Weekly Jackpots! With our Tokenomics, 1% of every trade gets added to a Jackpot Wallet. Once every 7 Days this wallet is emptied to 50 of our random holders! The only requirement? Holders must hold more than $50 worth of $SVT in their wallet.


As with everything else regarding this project, the community has helped out with the Jackpot. They decided there would be 50 winners with a maximum of $5,000 per Jackpot.

Viking Raids

As true Vikings we like to go on Raids.

A concept originally created by one of our whales. Our first raid was SafeMoon, where we took over Telegram with all our Vikings shouting “We’re the Space Vikings and we’re taking this token!”

Over the course of the next 20 minutes, the Space Vikings made purchases of $SFM and burned over 300 million Safemoon tokens.

Even though we didn’t do that much to their chart, the whole village knew that the Space Vikings had been there.

Articles about the Raid can be found on our Medium where you can also read about our 2nd Raid!

Meet The Team

Chief Beer Officers

Alexander Danicic

Alex Danicic

CBO / Co-founder
Jason Donelly

Jason Donnelly

CBO / Co-founder
Joe Cooney

Joe Cooney

CBO / Co-founder

External Collaborators

Space Vikings Team

Space Vikings Community

The Background Engine
Tim Geoghegan

Tim Geoghegan

Community Admin


Our audit was completed on November 20th, 2021, by BrewLabs, based in Australia.

As one of the most respected audit companies in the world we thought it was only fitting to go with the one that reminded us the most of beer.

Complete audit can be found here

BrewLabs Logo Inside Space Vikings BrewLabs section for audit

Important Callouts From Audit:

  • 0 critical vulnerabilities
  • Full transparency and disclosure of the team with supporting LLC.
  • Multi-sig wallet precautions in place to limit centralised risk.
  • The code security audit requirements have been met.
  • Key quality assurances have been met.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Space Vikings Token?

Space Vikings Token is a cryptocurrency and one of the first Danish DeFi projects. Our main goal is to partner with a brewery (or multiple breweries) to make Space Vikings beer.

Do you have a use case?

Yes, after brewing the beer we’ll use the profits from selling that beer to buy back Space Vikings Tokens and distribute them to our holders. The bigger the brews, the more profit, the more profit, the more rewards, the more rewards, the happier our holders.

Can we stake SVT?

Yes, you can.

We’re happy to announce that you can stake your SVT on our own platform!

Head over to:

Connect your wallet, and stake away. Pick the timing and percentage that works for you and reap the rewards!

Yeah, but have you actually partnered with a brewery?

We have. We now have a contract with Edge Brewing Project, based in Australia, for AT LEAST 3 brews. Adam Betts, the owner and brewmaster, is a gypsy brewer and has multiple facilities around the world to brew at, which is perfect for this project, as we want to expand as the Vikings did, one country at a time, around the world. Find out more about the brewery and their many awards,here.

Wen beer?

We plan on raiding the world with our beer. One country at a time. And continue getting bigger as we move forward.

  • • First brew has been available for purchase in Australia since January 2022.

  • • We don’t plan on stopping at 1...

Are you audited?

Yes. We looked at a ton of different companies for this and landed on the one that felt the most right. BrewLabs did our audit, and we passed with flying colors. Check it out here.

What is the Jackpot?

We firmly believe that our community is what makes us strong. So to give back, 1% of every trade is added to our Jackpot Wallet. Every Friday we split up to $5,000 worth of Space Vikings Tokens to 50 random holders. The only requirement? You must hold $50 worth of SVT in your wallet.

Raids? Like every other token?

A lot of tokens say they raid, but do they burn? When Space Vikings raid another token, their dev team knows we’re coming, and they can’t wait to see us. It means we just bought a TON of their coins and we’re burning half of those we bought, to forever make their coins worth more money. We’ll take 25% for our own treasure chest and then the last 25% goes to a lucky raider.

Why are you an LLC?

There are a lot of scams out there. Be proud to know that we’re not and that we’re a registered business in Delaware, USA. We have a bank account and we’ll pay taxes on this business. Moving forward, we plan to keep growing and without a proper LLC registered, we couldn’t do that.

How do I get my own Space Vikings Tokens?

You have two ways of doing it. The normal way, going through an exchange like PancakeSwap and trading BNB for SVT OR… scanning the QR code on the back of an Edge Brewing Project/Space Vikings beer and following the instructions for a free 1 million Space Vikings Tokens!

Why does SVT have two contracts?

Our ownership was renounced on the first contract and there were many upgrades that we wanted to bring into it for a better product and better future. V2 was created to embrace our vision.

I have V1 tokens, what do I do with them?

• Anyone who holds V1 tokens should sell them and buy V2. We are no longer supporting V1. Thank you.

• V1 contract: 0x1e3f4174b6d226354e1fb2325e6f76c1919bd9eb

• V2 contract: 0x7ba3cd00229c1becc95a4b056ff15c123dcb456d

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