Skål Viking!

We're rewarding holders of Edge Brewing Project's Land Lager - A Space Vikings Inspired Beer! To get ONE MILLION Space Vikings Tokens, please email the following to [email protected]: 1. Your BSC address from Trust Wallet* or Metamask*. 2. A picture that you've taken that includes at least one Space Viking beer that we can use for marketing. - Incredible pictures will get more than a million SVT. ❤


If these rules are not followed, you receive no reward for this submission, possibly ever, moving forward. 1. A can of Edge Brewing Project Land Lager must be clearly in the photo. 2. One picture per reward. 3. One reward per week. 4. One email address per user. 5. ONLY those of legal drinking age are photographed. 6. All photos must be involve with drinking responsibly. Please ensure no activities, such as driving, sports and recreation, operating machinery or lakes/rivers/ocean are present in the photo. 7. Everyone in any picture given to us consents to the photo being used for marketing.
* DeFi (decentralized finance) wallets. For help on getting your wallet set up or instructions on purchasing SVT, please see the graphic below.
How to buy Space Vikings Token Explanation graphic

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